The WHO guidance says that environmental surveillance can “provide early warning and additional evidence regarding the virus in circulation in the population, including its presence or absence, trends in concentrations, and variants of concern or interest”.

What is the Alliance all about?

The Alliance aims to create a strategic think tank and working group which will help bring Environmental Surveillance in the state and national level Public health system discourse through research, advocacy and scale-up initiatives, data modeling and communication (publications).

This may be used for public health surveillance for pathogenic infectious diseases, illicit opioid use, viruses, and antimicrobial resistance and generate an additional layer of information which can help in disease preparedness and management.


Who is in The Alliance?

The Alliance members comprise of reputed partners from the fields of academics, research, subject matter experts such as microbiologists & epidemiologists, and other affiliated spheres. For more information, please visit the Alliance members page.


Governing Body

Governance and Coordination

4 level management structure

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