• City administration likes and recognize the platform as an investible option for public health surveillance. We will have a scale-up plan as below: 8 cities have ES initiatives.
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    cities 1 Year

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    Cities 2 Year

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    Cities 2 Year

  • A guideline for a comprehensive package of ES initiatives is presented with at least 3 conditions of public health importance which can be piloted and demonstrated in at least 1 city (Year 2).
  • Through the learning, sharing and capacity building programs for state governments, leading to more news publications/opinion pieces from the government on ES.
  • Sustainability: Technical Institution Adaptation: Capacity building of city administrators (non health) through developed courses on interpreting and utilizing ES data insights for decision making.
  • New/ Modification of Policy at the national level for inclusion of ES for public health surveillance (Year 3).
  • Financial investments by state and non-state LOCAL actors for ES.


Openness and transparency

Value-based partnerships

Governance and Coordination

4 level management structure